Dr. William Q. Ross is the son of Young Lord who was always taught that the movement is never ending and we must always do our best to provide resources for our community. “Seguimos Pa’Lante, Siempre”, his mother would always say. During his adolescence when he thought enough community service had been done for one day, she would take him to the neighborhoods they hadn’t reached yet and asked: “Did these brothers and sisters benefit from the work you did today? Our people are all over and the needs of our community exist on every level.”

Dr. Ross has been a grassroots organizer since the age of 15. Specializing in working with urban youth, he has been instrumental in ending conflicts between street organizations in the United States and abroad.

With degrees in Business Management, Nonprofit Management & Leadership, and Spiritual Counseling, Dr. Ross focuses on not only ensuring resources are created for the community, but also that they are sustained. As the President & Founder of Ashé International, Inc., he offers scholarships that cover the cost of college applications for high school students as well as the cost of GED examinations for adults, initiatives that seek to assist families in dealing with the trauma of having a parent incarcerated, personalized tours to Cuba, and various other services that focus on celebrating the personalization of each person’s spirituality.

Dr. William Q. Ross has published under the pen names of King Mission and Minister Mission.