Ọṣun is my Valentine….

As countless individuals scurry around to find trinkets to represent the love they share for another, I will lay before La Caridad del Cobre and smile. With Her bell firmly in my hand, I will feel my body tingle with each ring made as my hands softly swing it from side to side. 

I will call her by the name she was first introduced to me by: Ọṣun. 

Ay mi querida, Ọṣun, I will go to you as I do each and every day and thank you. I thank you for not only loving me, but also for sharing your àşę with me so that I am able to learn the meaning of love. A force that in no way can be contained by the words of any language, it is only in basking in the beauty of your existence that one can even aspire to wrap their head around this energy. An energy that if accepted, will wrap itself around them and provide them with a warmth thought only possible in their dreams.

Preciosa Ọṣun; Orisha with the àşę that manifests all the things in life that make it worth living: I love you. With no hesitation and no fear, I will proudly ring your bell and repeat: “I. Love. You.l”. 

Every smile on my path was sweetened by the honey of your existence. 

As so many scramble today to purchase the items that they feel will convey their emotions to others, I sit back and reflect on the fact that the river is not soothing because of how it flows one day out of the year. It is soothing because it flows consistently every day of the year. 

Ọṣun, you are my Valentine… in more ways than one. 

Maferefun Orisha Ọṣun.

Luz, Amor, y Àşę. 

#oshun #osun #ashe #ase #asheintl #valentine


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