The Affair….

Next week, many will choose to express amorous feelings towards each other. Couples will exchange gifts as what can be argued as mandated prerequisites for passionate kisses and loving embraces. The history of St. Valentine will not hold as much importance as the tradition of exchanging flowers and devouring chocolate.

On the day that society encourages romantic exchanges between couples, and unfortunately on many days outside of that (dare I say everyday), there is an affair occurring.

This affair that I reference is the one that takes place when two individuals have committed themselves to one another while one of them is knowingly in another relationship. This relationship supersedes all others and is void of passion, positivity, and progress, while being affluent in abuse, negativity, and stagnation. This relationship is between the individual and their own personal demons. Now, it is no secret that we are all living with personal demons. However, there is a difference between living a life where you work towards containing them and living a life where you concede to their influence and celebrate them.

In this triangle that prevents true love to flourish and mortal completion to come into fruition, secrets surround the individuals and moments of distance expand to rival mountain ranges.

There is only one way to truly be faithful to another and to ensure that your relationship comes from a place where the land is laced with love, the air is affluent with advancement, and all is rooted in respect. The one way for this utopia to be set free from imagination and allowed to thrive in reality, is to acknowledge that you must first break the amorous ties to the demons that desire nothing more than to define you through detrimental behavior. You may not complete their caging alone, but don’t doubt that celebrating them will lead to anything other than your solitude. Allow love to be the lasso that ties them and begins the process. Otherwise, admit that anytime you allow another to think that they are close to you; you are simply having an affair.

Luz, Amor, y Àşę.

©Dr William Q Ross 2017




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