World Cancer Day 2017…

Today is recognized as World Cancer Day by millions who seek to raise awareness and education about this disease. Established by the Paris Charter adopted at the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millenium in Paris on February 4 2000, the tagline for 2016-2018 is: “We Can. I Can.” In essence, these four simple words seek to serve as an alarm to us all. An alarm that wakens us from the sleep of thinking that there is nothing that we can do.

Today, I come to you all asking that you look into your resources as well as your network and identify the ways that you can contribute to the raising of awareness, the increase on preventative and early detection measures, and the provision of support for all who are battling this disease on one front or another.

I would also like to make a call to those who find themselves in roles that are rooted in spiritual guidance. I ask that you rise to the occasion and embrace the responsibility that comes with offering yourself as a messenger for the spiritual entities that surround us throughout this mortal existence we call life. Rise to the occasion and understand that mortal ailments such as this horrid disease present extreme challenges to one’s faith because of their ability to overwhelm and weaken. It is because of this that we must remind all who have allowed us a voice in their life, that unfortunately pain and death are ever-present entities in our mortality. They are, however, not the only entities. Remind all who have allowed us a voice in their life, that though the shell we occupy will eventually succumb to a date of expiration, the soul lives on and is not limited to the mortal experience. Remind all who have allowed us a voice in their life that consciousness cannot be compartmentalized and therefor while we seek to feed the soul, there are countless steps that we can also take to maximize the potential of our shell.

Remind all who have allowed us a voice in their life, that ashé is present in all moments…. Even the ones that hurt.

Luz, Amor, y Àşę.

©Dr William Q Ross 2017

#asheintl #worldcancerday #wecanican


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