Maferefun Orisha Oya….

Luz, Amor, y Àşę.

Today, February 2, the winds of change blow. Countless practitioners of Orisha worship come together to celebrate Orisha Oya and embrace the manifestation of Her energy in their lives. Candles flicker, drums play, and bodies move to the rhythms of resistance that have protected a faith with such vehemence that it must be recognized as nothing less than a lifestyle.

Colors flow in abundance so profound that the depth of the spectrum itself is awe inspiring.

The alluring sound of Aña has now captured the leaves as they too are dancing. They are announcing Her arrival.

Orisha Oya’s entrance is externally announced while internally manifested. She is the energy that we draw from to make the changes necessary in our life as we seek to gain and maintain balance and grow closer to our Ori. We must not seek to ignore the storms felt by our soul when Orisha Oya sends Her messages to us. Instead we should understand that, at times, it is only after we accept that all has purposely been removed from our often restricted perspective that we are able to see that which we should truly be focusing on.

Marefefun Orisha Oya!!

©Dr William Q Ross 2017


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