Untitled Orisha Poem….

Omi Tuto

Oni Tuto

Tuto Laroye

Mi querido Esu, pido su bendicion.

Pido que su ashe abre los caminos de la consencia.
ashe, ashe…
May my words be heard by those who normally do not listen.
May my presence be felt by those who normally believe that they have grown numb.
The boom is not made solely by the falling of the shells on the mat but rather the orishas who are never absent from the room. Feel their boom, feel their boom….find yourself on path and in balance… allow your evolution to bloom.
Ours is a faith of resistance and as such we should resist the temptation to allow routines to run rampant in our lives. It is the relationships that should be allowed to flourish. Rituals should be rendered in a manner that reminds us of the royalty that we represent. Through our mouths, the voices of our Orishas and our Eggun can be heard.
Es con nuestro guardia en alto that we walk the streets of any city transforming every room that we rest our head into el cuarto de santo that houses our throne and refreshes our ashe.
At the moment of our conception a triangulation of energy set the stage for the show of our lives where we would serve as the star. Directed, produced, and choreographed by our personal ori, our primary ancestral guardian, and the Orisha that we chose to rule our head, we wrote the scenes and determine daily how it is we will carry them out. Looking around us we see the resources and tools in each and every item that adorns our existence. However, the potency of these tools is not found in our need for them, but rather in our acknowledging that they are but reminders of the connection that we have to all that guides us.
It is our consciousness, our communication, our consistency, and our commitment that allows for our ability to consecrate. We must never lose the ability to concentrate nor can we afford to make the decisions that dig us ditches of detrimental behavior too commonly packaged in the saying of : “I just don’t have the time to tend to mine”.
Standing on the shoulders of those who walked before us, we must tread in a manner that minimizes the possibility of us losing our step…. for while falling is not the problem, the negative mindset many rise with is.
What we do we must do with diligence.

How we do it must be with determination.

Why we do it must be with desire.
So the question remains… are we doing it?
Bueno acere… ya tu sabe…
We be doing it, and doing it, and doing it well…

Oye, Soy hijo de Shango

Y adivino con Orunla.


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