A Community in Prayer…

The trials and tribulations associated with our mortal existence often crash upon us with a force that not only threatens to knock us down, but also to keep us down. It is because of this that we must be ever vigilant against the tendencies to stay down. We must remember that we walk on the shoulders of those who came before us and as such our steps are strong. Though the walk of progression will not be kind to the souls of our feet, the journey itself will feed, fuel, and fortify the soul of our existence. In making the necessary sacrifices, we will find the sustenance that ensures our bodies stay hydrated with hope.

The power of prayer has always proven to be more potent than the portrayal presented by pessimists. With this said, Ashe International, Inc. invites all who are seeking prayer to contact us via email with their request. With an explanation of just a few lines, we will be honored to infuse your petition with the energy of a candle lit for you (and yours) as well as a personalized prayer put together in your name (names).

There is no charge for this service as we welcome the opportunity to communicate with all that guides us on behalf of our communal brothers and sisters.

For more information or to send your request, please send an email to serviceswithashe@gmail.com.

Luz, Amor, y Àşę.

©Dr William Q Ross 2017


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