Beginning the New Year…

Often overlooked is the fact that we are all responsible for the decisions we make in our personal life paths. While it is common to scrutinize a specific action and label it the cause or the root of an issue, situation, event, etcetera; the reality is that we must not stop at evaluating our actions. We must also take the time to evaluate the thought process that was present before, during, and after the action was committed.

As we enter into this New Year, I invite you to do so ready for change. I invite you to welcome change both with open arms, and rolled up sleeves; for change does not only require your invitation and acceptance, it also requires your commitment and hard work. I invite you to welcome the change that brings you closer to the fulfillment of the destiny that you chose at the moment of your conception…. Your Ori.  I invite you to shed all that has caused an imbalance in your existence, and I invite you to never forget that balance is the existence of “sweet and sour”. How we respond to both is how we ascertain whether or not we are truly balanced or whether we are simply securing the company of others whose scales are more distorted than ours so that we can feel good about where we are.

Luz, Amor, y Àşę,

©Dr William Q Ross 2017


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