I am Egbe….

She stands, on the first of the 365 days and nights that will represent her existence. She thinks of her sibling who ceased to exist only hours ago. Contrary to the tradition, she was not able to hold his hand before he left for the crowds seeking to trample on his existence with a relentless fever were overwhelming.


“They didn’t understand. Focused on what they lost, they ignored what they gained. They cursed you, brother. They cursed you as an attempt to conceal their own insecurities. They forget that the time they spend in these cycles they call years are but experiences in their overall existence”, she murmurs.


A breeze picks up and embraces her. She smiles. She knows that her brother is holding her.


“Do not fault them, sister”, a voice says. “Within the 525,600 minutes that they spent with me, there were several where they were able to see clearly and it is because of those moments that I leave with a smile.”


“But brother”, she protests, “They cursed you!”


“No, Sister. They cursed their fear. Because they knew not how to channel it directly, they used me as a scapegoat and such is ok. You see, it is in fearing the end of their mortal existence that they will eventually learn to maximize their mortal experience.”


She smiles for the wisdom of her older brother puts her at ease.


He speaks in her mind yet again and says: “I am the effort of their character and the work of their consistency. Even when they struggle to stand and opt to crawl, they can still move forward. The choice is theirs to make, we can only set the stage for them to perform on. We cannot write or recite their lines for them.”


The breezes are joined with droplets of water mixed with rays of sun, beams of the moon, flurries of snow, and the multitude of colors that represent the seasons across the entire planet. She feels her brother with her and straightens her stance.


“I understand, brother. I am here now and I will set the stage that I have been sent to set.”


“Yes, sister. Announce your arrival. For their cheers of my departure have subsided and they can hear you now.”


“I am EGBE! I am the energy of those who surrounded your Ori as it prepared for your mortal experience. I am the energy of those you choose to surround yourself with now as you seek to recover memories lost from your travel through the river of forgetfulness. I am the mirror that forces you to see the reflection of your actions and reevaluate the reflection of those who you choose to live beside. I am here now and you need not fear me. Rather, you should find strength in me, for I am another reminder that even when you are physical by yourself, you are never, ever alone.


They greeted with me pomp and circumstance and called me 2017. Now the celebration must continue in the form of your growth and the evolution of your company. Call me by name and I will celebrate yours.
I am Egbe.”


©Dr William Q Ross 2017


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