Maferefun Babalu-Aye

img_0459Today we honor Orisha Babalu-Aye on his ceremonial feast day; The Orisha whose ashe represents the ownership and curing capabilities of all major ailments and health issues. On this day, thousands take to the streets of Havana, Cuba and make their pilgrimage to El Rincon, where a church dedicated to St. Lazarus (the Catholic Synchronization of Babalu-Aye) houses a fountain said to contain healing waters blessed y the Orisha Himself. With plastic containers in hand, everyone waits for the opportunity to gather some of this ashe infused water and bring home its healing powers.
On this day, petitions for the improvement of health and the recovery of ailments are especially potent. I encourage you all to take the time to connect with Orisha Babalu-Aye today. Your actions need not be extravagant for at times it is simply the illumination of light brought forth by a single white candle that is all that is needed to increase our focus and ensure the sincerity of our personalized prayers.
“Maferefun Orisha Babalu-Aye. Owner of ailments and their cure, I come to you today with great humility and respect. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be there for those whose medical need has placed them in a state needing care, and I thank you for granting me health. I understand that the suffrage brought forth by each and every ailment that one may endure has scholastic properties, for the lessons to be learned through such a struggle are great and should never be overlooked. I ask that you continue to grant me the ability to understand this lesson and the strength to endure them.”
Luz, Amor, y Àşę.
©Dr William Q Ross 2016

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