Cleaning the House

img_1567Far too many times we sit alone and wonder if the energy that surrounds us is negative. We sit alone, even if surrounded by many, and wonder if the Almighty himself has a quarrel with us. We lose ourselves in these thoughts and allow our energy to deplete. We become individuals who not only suffer from depression… but define it.

Crying out for guidance and strength, we subconsciously ensure that our situation does not change for we are crying out to the heavens when our mind is stuck in hell. We ask the Orishas for strength to make it through the day while we ignore the fact that they have blessed us with another day to be strong.

The practice of Ifa is a practice that requires a great amount of dedication, understanding, and acceptance. As Eleggua opens the roads for our success, He does so knowing that we may choose not to walk down these roads. He does so understanding that many would rather climb the barricades that close down the roads of damnation and crawl down a path of destruction instead of walking down a peaceful path of progression.

The age that we live in has found a way to capitalize off of this pain that is felt by many. Depression is another spelling for dollars to many who sell dreams of salvation; many who forget that they are tools of the Orishas… and not Orishas themselves.  As a result, such sincere actions as the cleaning of one’s home have become opportunities for financial gain.

I have heard the horror stories of practitioners paying Santeros/as as much as $300 to spiritually clean their apartment, only to be evicted because the rent was not paid. Why was the rent not paid? Because they were negative $300 on the total, as a result of the ceremony. What is worse is that the Santero/a was very well aware of the financial situation prior to performing the ceremony and still charged the practitioner, saying that the fee was a bargain.

The truth is that the act of spiritually cleaning one’s home is a simple one. One that requires sincerity and humility… not dollars and cents. To cleanse your home of negativity is to restore the Ashe of your home and to do that you must communicate with the Orishas. It is most likely the lack of communication with the Orishas that brought about the imbalance in the first place.

The following are instructions for one of the simplest ways to clean your home of negativity and assist in the restoration of balance:

Set aside a day when you will be able to stay home and

Gather the following items:

A bouquet of white flowers (carnations will do)

A small piece of cascarilla (efun)

A bottle of Florida Water (or cologne/perfume of your choosing)

Three King’s Incense (or incense of your choosing)

A completely white outfit including a white hat or bandana

On the day that you have designated, start out with a relaxing shower or bath. When you are finished, dress yourself with the white outfit including the white hat or bandana. Open all doors and windows to your home and starting from the back of your home (farthest from the front door) burn the incense. Pass the burning incense in all corners of each and every room and pay special attention to areas behind doors. Once you reach the front door,
place the incense in your doorway and allow it to burn.

Next, take the bouquet of flowers and crush the small piece of cascarilla over it. Then sprinkle a few drops of the Florida Water over the bouquet. Once this is done, return to the part of your home that is furthest from the front door. Once there, begin shaking the bouquet in the air as if hitting something, again paying special attention to the corners. Work your way towards the front of your home while praying to the Orishas either out load or silently. Once you reach the door way, break the bouquet by the stem and place them in a plastic bag. Immediately take the bouquet to a dumpster and throw them away. Turn around, and without looking back, return to your home.

Utilize the rest of your day to reflect and pray. Allow yourself to realize all the blessings that surround you. Take the time to feel the ashe of the Orishas as they surround you, guide you, embrace you, and love you.

“Ona ti eda sile ne mo nto”

“I will follow the destiny that is chosen for me”

©Dr William Q Ross 2016


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